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Follow along on Christopher's surgical journey as he undergoes a septoplasty (deviated septum surgery), Rhinoplasty (nose job), & functional endoscopic sinus surgery to help with his debilitating sinus and breathing issues!  Christopher was also unhappy with a prominent bump that he had on his nose, and expressed his desire for Dr. Guida to remove the bump, and alter his nose, while still retaining a masculine look.We used image- guided technology to provide the a virtual "roadway" of the patient's sinus cavity. This gives us the most accurate results possible!

Meet Aprile, a lovely young woman who came to Dr. Guida to get a ‪Revision Rhinoplasty‬, Septoplasty (deviated septum)‬ surgery, and functional endoscopic ‪sinus surgery!  Aprile didn't like the shape of her nose and felt that she couldn't breathe very well due to 2 prior rhinoplasties.  For her revision, she decided to come to Dr. Robert Guida, a double board certified E.N.T. and facial plastic surgeon.  Due to his expertise, Aprile was able to change how she looked cosmetically, as well as improve her breathing, to give her the breathing that she deserves!  Follow along with Aprile as she posts day by day recovery videos that detail how she feels and looks throughout her ‪post-op‬ recovery period.

Scott is a wonderful patient of ours who came to our Staten Island location, for a few things!  Primarily, to fix his debilitating sinus issues. This father was unable to breathe through his nose, had difficulties snoring, and even staying asleep!  After he discussed his sinus issues with Dr. Guida, Scott decided to undergo functional endoscopic sinus surgery, a septoplasty, rhinoplasty (nose job) and a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) all at the same time!  Scott's drooping lids and excess fatty deposits gave him a puffy, aged look, and with the blepharoplasty, Scott lost years off of his appearance!  Follow along on his journey!

Meet Gina!  A loving and caring mother who came into our Park Avenue location, to fix her breathing issues, along with some cosmetic work on her nose! Follow along on Gina's surgical journey as she undergoes a septoplasty (deviated septum surgery), rhinoplasty (nose job), and functional endoscopic sinus surgery to help with her debilitating sinus and breathing issues, all at once!  We used image- guided technology to provide the a virtual "roadway" of the patient's sinus cavity.  This gives us the most accurate results possible!

Tara is a lovely patient of ours, from Staten Island who came into our office with the chief complaint of breathing difficulties.  After meeting with Dr. Guida, she also expressed her interest in undergoing a cosmetic surgery as well.  Using image guided technology, Dr. Guida was able to complete both of her requests, and she is now breathing freely, with a nose that suits her beautiful face.

Michael is a father and loving husband in his 50's, who began feeling his breathing deteriorate as he got older.  Though his sinus problems were always an issue, he began getting more frequent sinus infections and complications as time went on.  While making the decision to undergo sinus surgery, Michael also asked Dr. Robert Guida to make some minor cosmetic adjustments as well, to better suit his face, while retaining a masculine nose.

Alex is a 27 year old gentleman, who has always had difficulty breathing and suffered from a severely Deviated Septum, along with a clearly visible dorsal deviation.  He had a complex deviated septum which led to a long history of bilateral nasal obstruction, preventing him from living life to the fullest. In addition to improving his breathing drastically, Dr. Guida set out to give Alex a nose that suited his face better, after finding out that Alex was displeased with his nose shape, due to a nasal fracture from his past. 

Julie is a mother of 2 young boys, and felt her breathing begin to deteriorate just after the birth of her sons.  Coupled with snoring, and a strong desire to escape a childhood nickname (which brought years of insecurity), JulieAnn decided to make a change. This change will not only improve her life, but help her to be a better wife, and mother to her loving family!  

Julie Ann's surgery was a functional sinus case, and a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

We often have patients who are very enthusiastic about beginning their surgical journey; whether it be a rhinoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery - related, or a bit of both!!  Please view the patient stories below, to learn more about each procedure that the patient underwent, on a day- to- day basis.  Each patient documented their thoughts, feelings and appearance daily, in the hopes that viewers like yourself would be able to see just how a post-operative recovery period looks and feels.

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